#007 | How One Small Website Tweak Exploded Sales and Changed Everything for Another Local Business Owner

how to generate leads in local market

company to build a websiteCan one small tweak to a website explode sales, and turn everything around for a local business?

Well that’s exactly what had happened after Tony Valentino responded to an inquiry from a local business owner who was looking for a company to build a website.

In this episode, Tony shares with James Martell, how a client is able to accept customer inquiries and orders 24 hours a day, everyday…on the internet.

Dave and Karen are the owners of a fuel delivery business in Fort Lauderdale.

Even though their highly polished fuel tankers delivered large quantities of fuel each day, they found it very taxing in the way that it took a lot of resources.

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They had to have two girls on the phones at all times, fielding a lot of questions often trying to bargain on price.

Is It Time to Hire a Company to Build Your Website?

Dave and Karen had a typical website, which was quite old and cumbersome. It was big and long, and information was scattered over 16 pages.

They did not feel connected to their site, and the website was not doing much.

When asked, “Do you get much business from your website?” They responded “No. But we’re told we’ve got to have one.”

It didn’t take Tony long to see the problem, and to figure out the solution.

Tony actually reworked the website and streamlined it. He cut down the total number of pages from a scattered 16, to a brief 2.

A Two-Page Website

Tony’s magic worked for them in many different ways.

The process of people interacting with the business became a simple and efficient activity.

By installing a simple online order form, customers now order directly from the website and are automatically placed into an email auto-responder, for follow up marketing.

Could it work for you as well? Listen up and find out.

Listen Now and Learn:

  • How a small tweak to a website for a local business literally exploded sales.
  • How this company could cut back on labor costs.
  • How being “digital” meant no more costly mistakes.
  • How their business now works 24/7.
  • James Martell wraps up his discussion with Tony with an invitation for listeners to take advantage of their FREE 30-minute discovery call, and Digital Marketing Evaluation.


About The Author

Tony Valentino

Tony Valentino is an "online" developer and marketer. He specializes in helping local businesses dominate online search results and obtain bountiful customer traffic. As a business owner himself, he understands the entrepreneurial spirit - the passion and frustration that drives his clients. Tony’s goal is to bring light to this very obscured realm of the internet.